Eric Wood

Eric Wood is a former NFL center for the Buffalo Bills where he was a starter, 2 time Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee, and a pro bowler. Eric was selected in the 1st round of the 2009 NFL Draft by the Bills, a monumental achievement for someone who entered college as a walk-on. Eric’s player career ended unexpectedly when he got a spinal injury in 2018. Now Eric works as a commentator for the Buffalo Bill’s Radio Network, working on his weekly podcast, and finishing writing his upcoming book. Eric also does performance coaching, working with the University of Louisville and a number of college athletes.

Q - Why Pap’s?

When I’m out on the golf course, or at the gym, I need something to fuel my A-game. That’s why I go for Pap’s Beef Jerky. I love the rich flavors they offer while still being an all-natural, no sugar, high protein, and low-fat snack. It’s an ideal choice to get me through my day.

Q - How’d you become a Pap’s Ambassador?

I met the Pap’s team through our the Dan-O’s Chipotle Jerky collaboration and I saw a lot of my own values and ideals within the company. After talking with them, I just knew I had to partner with them.

Q - What’s your piece of advice for fledgling athletes?

Play as many sports as you can as long as you can. Have fun, play hard, and listen to you coaches!

Q - Favorite sport now that you’re retired from Football?

Golf. I’ve always been a golf fan and I love being able to play a lot more now.

Q - Favorite Pap’s Jerky Flavor?

Being from Cincinnati, I thought my favorite flavor would be Grippos but I like the Dan-O’s Chipotle the best.

Eric Wood

Fav Pap's Fav Pap’s – Dan-O’s Chipotle Jerky

Say What?

"The Dan-O’s Chipotle Jerky Pack. I love the zesty southwestern flavor and the low fat, sugar-free, high protein content is a huge bonus for me."