Fueling Your Outdoor Lifestyle

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Now more than ever people are getting back to their outdoor hobbies and rediscovering how exhilarating and reinvigorating it can be getting out if the house. At Pap’s, we believe that exploring the majesty of mother nature is one of the best ways to pass the time and that requires fuel for the body and the mind, as nothing pumps the brakes on adventure plans faster than a growling stomach. Luckily with Pap’s Jerky, you won’t have to worry about finding a stopping point. No matter what kind of adventure you choose, we’ve got the delicious and healthy sustenance that will keep you on the trail, in the breeze, or on top of the waves.

Family camping trips are an American tradition, and we don’t see that changing any time soon. With a fresh stash of Pap’s, your next camping trip is sure to be the best one yet! Finding the perfect spot, setting up the tent, and getting a good campfire going are all part of the fun. There is nothing quite like watching the next generation learn to safely tend to a fire as they take in the beauty that surrounds them. There is also nothing quite like the appetite of a young’un, especially a young’un that’s been getting their hands dirty as they help set up camp. When you’re far from a fridge and have limited cargo space, you’ll be glad you brought your beef jerky stash along for the ride. Pap’s goes a long way towards keeping growing humans content between meals so the adventure can continue until it’s time to climb into sleeping bags for the night.

If you’re the type of person sporting an “I’d Rather Be Fishing” or “My Other Car Is A Boat” bumper sticker, you’re gonna need to pack along a few packages of Pap’s Jerky in your tackle box next time you cast off. Nothing else goes better with that beer you’re going to wash it down with than the savory flavor of thin sliced beef. Pap’s will hold you over until you can prepare your haul for a fresh fish dinner.

Depending on what your flavor of adventure is, you may have a bit of a journey ahead of you and nothing makes a road trip more enjoyable than road trip snacking. Everyone knows that car snacks are half the fun, so lock up on your Pap’s stash, gas up and hit the road, Jack. Traveling with a buddy or three? No problem. Our variety packs offer a wide range of flavors that are sure to satisfy all adventurers’ taste buds.

When you have a taste for high adventure, you’re going to need snacks with high protein. Climbing the face of a cliff, kayaking down level V rapids, or just going for a hike; nature lovers like yourself will find that Pap’s Jerky is made of 100% beef with no artificial fillers, allowing you to put top quality protein in your body as you continue doing what you love. Zip a few beef sticks into the pocket of your cargo shorts or fanny pack, and hit the trail. Pap’s is ready to fuel the ride.

No matter what it is that calls you to get up and go, Pap’s is here for you. You can make a one-time order, or save by signing up for a subscription. Make sure that no matter what adventure is in season, you’re fueled to savor every last moment. Click here for information on how to fuel your outdoor lifestyle.

We’ll see ya out there!