Pap’s brings the heat to Ohio Valley Wrestling’s All Systems Go!

| 2 Min Read

Louisville, Ky - Pap’s brought the heat in the ring, as Pap’s entered the Ohio Valley Wrestling’s All Systems Go! This once-in-a-lifetime event had Reigning Champions and challengers alike throwing down to see who was worthy of the title.  Pap’s Collaborator Dan-O’s own Dan Oliver and Toothpick Timmy were live at the event and even getting in on the action!

This epic evening features twists, and turns plus plenty of action! It was such a great event that it even turned Dan O into a wrestling fan! “At first I was a bit skeptical of wrestling.” Dan O shared “But after a few matches and meeting the athletes, it made me look at wrestling totally different! We had a blast and can’t wait to do it again!” While Toothpick Timmy was on board from the very start, “The energy in that room is way more intense than I could have ever imagined and I can’t wait to go watch it again!”

But Ohio Valley Wrestling wasn’t the only one getting new fans. Dan-O’s made sure to share their signature spices and brand new Dan-O’s Chipotle Jerky with the athletes and Ohio Valley Wrestling Team. The Dan-O’s Chipotle Jerky was a particularly big hit with the athletes, who claimed it had the perfect chew and helped fuel them through their matches. Dan-O’s Chipotle Jerky is sure to become a favorite within Ohio Valley Wrestling, and be remembered for years to come. Just like those who got to experience this epic evening. 

You can watch the entire event for free, but nothing will ever compare to seeing it live. Find out when you can watch the next Ohio Valley Wrestling on their events page.