Pap’s Celebrates Newest Collaboration with Dan-O’s at Chipotle Jerky Launch Party

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Louisville, KY - Pap’s kicked up the heat when, in collaboration with Dan-O’s, they threw a launch party for the release of Dan-O’s Chipotle Jerky on May 25th at 3rd Turn Brewing Oldham Gardens. The party went from 6 PM till 10 PM and featured a night of food, drink, live music, and fun!

The event featured specialty cocktails like the Dan-O’s Got Your Goat Cocktail from 3rd Turn Brewing’s Bar, and the Backside Grill served up some Dan-O’s inspired food all evening long like smoked Dan-O’s Chicken Wings with custom Dan-O’s ranch dip.  The night also featured live music from Elton Joe d’Amato. On top of that, the first 500 guests received 1 bag of Dan-O’s Chipotle Jerky.

The Jerky quickly ran out as the guests came in mass to celebrate this monumental occasion between the two brands. Pap’s John Good and Dan-O’s Dan Oliver mingled among the crowd sharing laughs and stories with guests. An overall lively event that showcased the community and camaraderie between two growing brands and the relationships that can blossom.