Hot Jerky

Hot Jerky


You like your jerky like you live your life: spicy!

What’s better than rafting in that cool, white water? Doing it with a mouth full of Pap’s Hot Jerky, thinly sliced and seasoned to perfection, with just the right amount of our in-house chili flakes that will add some kick to your chew!

We started with a dream to make a better beef jerky - a hand crafted nod to the origins of the product. So we wanted it to have a sensational chew, great flavor and be naturally cured, not dipped in potassium sorbate or any of that other stuff to preserve it. Somewhere along the line we adopted the mission of “Fueling Your Outdoor Lifestyle”, because, well, it’s folks like you who get up, get out, and get busy that we relate to. We made this for you. Enjoy!

Nutrition Facts

High Protein
Low Carb
All Natural
Keto & Paleo friendly
Low Fat

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Keith Dobbs

Give me paps jerky any time of day and I’ll be a happy guy. Easy to please I guess but it’s my favorite snack ever.

Katerina M

Ayyyyy I love the spicy it is so so good

Taura Devon

Love the spicyness!

Chris Beaton

I’ma personal trainer and I fuel myself with paps beef jerky and recommend it to my clients too for a delicious, high protein snack.

Kira Nythorn

Had these for the first time at my boyfriends. Didn’t know what I wanted and tried some of this jerky and it totally hit the spot. It tastes great and I never knew how low calories jerky can be. It’s going to be a new snack on my rotation for sure. Love that it’s guilt free.