Pap’s Hot Jerky is the way to go. Just perfect. Beautifully cured, finger licking good.

– Casey, Verified Customer

Hot Jerky

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Experience the Heat With Pap’s Hot Jerky!

Pap’s brings the heat with our Hot Beef Jerky. We use our unique blend of cayenne-infused marinade and chili flakes to deliver a fiery kick to the buds in every bag! We thin slice our beef, then marinade it in small batches for hours on end to deliver that full-bodied, signature Pap’s flavor. As we like to say - it’s got that perfect amount of chew - in every bite.

Pap’s jerky really is the perfect, healthy and easy-to-carry snack for your next adventure. So no matter where the road takes you, let Pap’s fuel your outdoor lifestyle!

At Pap’s, we started with a dream to make a better beef jerky - a hand crafted nod to the origins of the product. So we wanted it to have a sensational chew, great flavor and be naturally cured, not dipped in potassium sorbate or any of that other stuff to preserve it. Somewhere along the line we adopted the mission of “Fueling Your Outdoor Lifestyle”, because, well, it’s folks like you who get up, get out, and get busy that we relate to. We made this for you. Enjoy!

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Our jerky has a lasting, tender chew. The jerky is designed to be actually chewed, so your saliva activates all those subtle flavors.

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