I’m on a low carb diet and these are perfect. They taste so great I feel like I’m cheating on my diet.

– Gael D., Verified Customer

Grippo's Bar-B-Q Beef Sticks

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Stock up on the right fuel for your next adventure with Pap’s Signature Beef Sticks! Made with 100% USDA beef, and no pork or chicken fillers, we created the perfect low carb and low fat on-the-go protein snack. Available in 4 satisfying flavors like Grippo’s BBQ or Honey, there’s a Pap’s beef stick for every palate. So when you get motivated to get out there, make Pap’s beef sticks your go-to portable protein fix!

Jerky Texture Meter

Our jerky has a lasting, tender chew. The jerky is designed to be actually chewed, so your saliva activates all those subtle flavors.

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