Ken Mohr

Ken has a passion for fishing of all kinds. When he is not working his reel job, you will find him casting away in tournaments all over the Midwest. We took a moment to ask a few questions of our ambassador of 5 years and what we found out made us want to go fishin'! 🎣

Q - How did you get introduced to fishing?

I started fishing at about age 6 on Walled Lake and Wolverine Lake in Michigan, where my family lived. Success at an early age hooked me into not just a hobby, but my life long passion.

Q - Largest Largemouth Bass you have recorded?

Best largemouth was 7.14 pounds and I caught her on Green River Lake in Kentucky.

Q - What one tip would you share with a beginner when it comes to fishing?

Seek out a place with a high chance of success to get you hooked! Smaller bodies of water or farm ponds have a great abundance of fish and can be an easier prey to catch.

Q - If you aren’t tournament Bass Fishing, what is your next favorite species to pursue?

Most exciting thing I’ve ever done on water was in Costa Rica a few years ago - Marlin and Sail fishing. Sails are great but the size, speed and power of the Marlin truly captivates me.

Q - Favorite Lure?

In the spring it is a 6- or 8-inch lizard fished Texas or Carolina rigged.  After the spring, my go-to is a 10” Power Bait worm usually black in color.

Q - When not on your boat fishing for Largemouth, what’s your thing? 

As with most parents my age…. Dealing with my children only enough so that I get to spend as much time as possible with my grandchildren! 


“Hooked for life!”

I started fishing when I was about 6 years old in Michigan. Success at an early age hooked me into not just my hobby… but my life long passion.

Ken Mohr AK Fishing

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Say What?

“When I get up every morning, I wish I was going fishing!”