Grippo's Beef Jerky

Grippo's Beef Jerky


Sweet and smoky with a little bit of heat.

Grippo’s + Pap’s =  crazy delicious! That iconic Grippo's flavor dusted over thinly sliced, premium beef jerky is the perfect accompaniment to your next adventure. Now you can take the flavor that made Cincinnati famous anywhere!

We started with a dream to make a better beef jerky - a hand crafted nod to the origins of the product. So we wanted it to have a sensational chew, great flavor and be naturally cured, not dipped in potassium sorbate or any of that other stuff to preserve it. Somewhere along the line we adopted the mission of “Fueling Your Outdoor Lifestyle”, because, well, it’s folks like you who get up, get out, and get busy that we relate to. We made this for you. Enjoy!

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Customer Reviews

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Todd B.
Delicious Jerky

Seriously great jerky. Tastes good and good for me!

Amanda Laird

Love this jerky! Tastes amazing and I saw online that it’s great for a KETO diet!

Janica Rivera

This is some good jerky.

Jessica Pitsner

I know my beef jerky and this is the real deal! Loaded with flavor and curred perfectley, great texture and chew, I’m in love with it. My mouth is watering just writing this review!

Matt Peters

love it